How to Choose the Kitchen Decoration Countertops?

Kitchen decoration, in the home decoration accounted for a very important part. The choice of materials in the kitchen decoration, in addition to the value of the home decoration, but also related to the practicality and convenience of later home life. Please follow ISTONE to understand it!


Kitchen countertop material, determine whether it is resistant to grease, easy to clean, whether you can chop ribs, knead dough, etc., so it is very important to pick a kitchen countertop suitable for your cooking habits.


Currently on the market mainstream countertop materials are quartz stone, artificial stone, natural stone, etc., of course, rock slab countertops, stainless steel countertops, solid wood countertops, fire panel countertops also have a lot of family choice, the next for you to introduce the characteristics of the various materials countertops respectively.


Artificial stone countertops


① Seamless connection, integrated


② Rich choice of texture, conducive to the combination of matching, to meet individual needs


③Smooth surface without fine holes, not to hide dirt, easy to clean


④Price is friendly


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Quartz stone countertop


①High hardness, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, you can feel free to chop ribs


②Surface is dense and non-porous, anti-seepage color and easy to clean


③High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance


④Hardness is too strong, not easy to process, in general, the countertop more than 2.4 meters will have a splicing seam.


Rock slab countertop


①Surface porosity is nearly zero, super stain resistant, completely does not absorb any oil, good cleaning and not easy to dirty


②Ultra-hardness, scratch-resistant, can directly cut vegetables on it, even cutting board is not needed


③ High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high antibacterial index, zero pollution, can be in direct contact with food


④Expensive, thousand dollars per meter to start


⑤ Too hard, can not do complex modeling.


Solid wood countertop


①Literary and fresh, natural texture, easy to shape


② Expensive, suitable for countertops with high density of wood several thousand dollars per meter


③ Need to use wood wax oil to do sealing antibacterial treatment, the procedure is cumbersome, or easy to crack mold


④ Not high temperature resistance, the environment is humid, easy to deformation, easy to leave scratches, splicing with a long time easy to crack.


Fireboard countertop


① Affordable price, the affordable alternative to solid wood countertops


②Surface fire resistance is better than solid wood


③Rich patterns, many choices


④Not resistant to high temperature, always need to use pot pads


⑤ Not resistant to acid and alkali, stains need to be cleaned in time


⑥Surface is not resistant to sharp objects, not wear-resistant


⑦There is a length limit, and it is difficult to join the cross-sectional parts, so it is impossible to achieve seamless splicing

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