Super Jumbo Collection

Jumbo Slab Quartz(Super Jumbo Quartz) is a hard, man-made, antimicrobial slab that needs no sealing, as its resins are the sealant, which provides it with the hardness and non-porosity needed for the heavy demands of cooking. Quartz comes in countless colors and patterns and is very popular for its universal appeal.Get a free quotation about jumbo slab quartz.

Benefits of jumbo slab quartz


The main benefits of a jumbo slab slab over other materials are:

  • Durable and long lasting material

  • Vast range of colours and styles available

  • Totally sealed and polished surface

  • Scratch and stain resistance

  • Low maintenance and anti-bacterial properties

What is the difference between Regular & Super Jumbo Quartz Slab Sizes?

The biggest difference is obviously the size between the two. Regular Quartz comes in the size of 63*126 inches or 1600*3200 mm. Whereas super jumbo quartz comes in the size of  78*138 inches or 2000*3500mm.

Our jumbo slabs allow you to maximize every inch of your space, eliminate the need for multiple seams and optimize your design capabilities for a budget-friendly, high-end look. Jumbo designs come in a variety of select sizes. As a professional Jumbo Slab Quartz Supplier, Jaya can produce high quality quartz slab according to your requirements. Contact us to get your custom jumbo slab.

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