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Quartz stone countertop is a new technology synthetic stone made of fine and magnificent quartz stone, the manufacturing process of which is linked to a state-of-the-art and patented system. The product is composed of more than 90% natural quartz or granite mixed with an ultra-high performance resin and special pigments. Quartz stone countertops are made of high hardness, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean and free of any radioactive elements harmful to human health. Usually, quartz stone panels contain up to 93% natural quartz, resin, mineral pigments and other additives, selected materials through color mixing and vacuum high pressure to form an extremely tight composite, and then through the complex cutting and surface polishing process to become quartz stone, the surface of this plate like granite as hard, color as rich as marble, structure as anti-corrosion and anti-fouling as glass, the form after finishing It is as perfect as artificial stone.

Its main material is quartz, quartz stone without radiation, high hardness, creating a quartz stone countertop scratch not spend (Mohs hardness 7), dirt does not stain (vacuum manufacturing. Dense non-porous), hot not bad (quartz material. Can withstand temperature 1300 ℃), with no old (30 polishing process without maintenance), non-toxic non-radiation (NSF certification, does not contain heavy metals, can be in direct contact with food). Quartz countertops in a variety of colors, Gobi series, crystal series, hemp stone series, shining star series more characteristic, can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertops, washbasins, kitchen and bathroom walls, dining tables, coffee tables, window sills, door covers, etc.) field, is non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new construction Interior decoration materials.

ISTONE is a famous Quartz Countertop Manufacturer and has been specializing in Quartz Countertops, Prefabricated and Custom Countertops since 2001. 

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